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Event Guide


Patch Reef Tennis and Pickleball Center
2000 W. Yamato Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431




Foster Events Group, LLC, (FEG) will be hosting the 3rd Annual Boca Raton Masters International Pickleball Championships at Patch Reef Park Tennis and Pickleball Center, January 17-23, 2024, in Boca Raton, Florida.

USA Pickleball will once again sanction this event that drew over 1,000 players in 2022 and 2023 where professionals and amateurs can set performance goals, track results and play against peers in a sanctioned Tour environment that adheres to all USA Pickleball guidelines.

The Gold Medal Sunday Pro Finals airing live on Amazon's PICKLE TV Global Network plus live stream pro and senior pro matches Thursday, Friday, and Saturday on Inside WORLD Pickleball YouTube channel and Facebook Live social media outlets.

Jim Henegar, Athletic Program Director for the City of Boca Raton stated, “I am extremely excited for the upcoming 2024 3rd Annual Boca Raton Pickleball Championship at the beautiful Patch Reef Park Tennis Center.The City of Boca Raton continues to successfully partner with the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District and this tournament will allow our district and city residents the ability to watch some of the world's best pickleball players and experience our world-class service. It’s my hope that this event will encourage more of our united citizens to learn about, and ultimately play, the sport of pickleball.”

“The Greater Boca Raton Beach & Parks District is excited FEG and OSP is bringing championship pickleball to Boca Raton and the Patch Reef Park Tennis Center. We think this provides a great opportunity for our community to witness pickleball at the highest level and are happy to be the host facility,” stated Susan Vogelgesang, Chair, of Greater Boca Raton Beach and Parks District.

The five-day event will host nearly 1,000 players and will include professionals, senior professionals, and amateur pickleball players from around the world from ages 18-80. An Expo vendor village with a variety of foods and merchandise will be on site as well with local and national sponsors.


The Masters will offer a prize pool for their Shootout, Pro and Senior Pro medal winners. Registration for this first event of the 2024 season is now open with many age divisions selling out fast at:


  • Player's age as of: 12/31/24

  • Minimum Age of Player: 10

  • Final Registration Deadline (Received by): 01/10/24

  • Membership required as of: 01/17/24

  • Tournament Sanctioning: Sanctioned - MMP

  • Registration - $95.00

  • Registration incl: Free Shirt if registered by12/28/23

  • When registering online, online waiver signature

  • is used.

  • Online payment via Stripe is available. Stripe also allows credit card payments.

Event Schedule

The following times are the posted event start times. Please report 30 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.

Wednesday 01/17/24

8:00am Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.0:50+,55+,60+
Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.5:50+,55+
Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.5:60+
Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.0:50+,55+
Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.0:60+,65+
Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.5:55+
Amateur - Women's Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.0:50+,55+
Amateur - Women's Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.5:50+
Amateur - Women's Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.5:50+,55+,60+

9:00am Amateur - Women's Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.0:50+,55+

9:30am Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.5:60+,65+

11:00am Amateur - Women's Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.5:55+

11:30am Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.0:65+,70+
Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.5: 60+ 65+,70+
Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 5.0:50+
Amateur - Women's Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.5:60+,65+

12 noon Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.5:50+
Amateur - Women's Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.0:60+,65+
Amateur - Women's Doubles (Skill/Age) 5.0:50+,55+,60+

12:30 Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 5.0:55+,60+
Amateur - Women's Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.0:60+

Thursday 01/18/24

8:00am Amateur - Mixed Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.5:50+
Amateur - Mixed Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.5:60+,65+,70+
Amateur - Mixed Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.0:50+
Amateur - Mixed Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.5:50+


Men's Pro Singles

9:00am Amateur - Mixed Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.0:60+,65+
Amateur - Mixed Doubles (Skill/Age) 5.0:50+,60+

10:00am Amateur - Mixed Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.5:60+

10:30am Women's Pro Singles

11:00amAmateur - Mixed Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.0:50+
Amateur - Mixed Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.0:60+,65+

3:30pm Boca Raton NPL Men's Doubles (50+) Shootout (Prize Money)

4:30pm Boca Raton NPL Women's Doubles (50+) Shootout (Prize Money

Friday 01/19/24

8:00am Amateur - Men's Singles (Skill/Age) 3.0:19+,35+
Amateur - Men's Singles (Skill/Age) 3.5:50+
Amateur - Men's Singles (Skill/Age) 4.0:35+
Amateur - Men's Singles (Skill/Age) 4.5:19+
Amateur - Men's Singles (Skill/Age) 5.0:19+
Amateur - Women's Singles (Skill/Age) 3.0:50+,60+
Mixed PRO Doubles
Women's Senior PRO Doubles

9:30am Amateur - Men's Singles (Skill/Age) 4.0:19+

10:30am Amateur - Women's Singles (Skill/Age) 3.5:60+,65+,70+
Amateur - Women's Singles (Skill/Age) 3.0:60+,65+,70+

11:00amMen's Senior PRO Doubles

12 noon Amateur - Men's Singles (Skill/Age) 3.5:19+
Amateur - Men's Singles (Skill/Age) 4.0:50+,60+

12:30 Amateur - Men's Singles (Skill/Age) 5.0:35+,50+

1:30pm Amateur - Women's Singles (Skill/Age) 4.0:19+,35+,50+

2:00pm Amateur - Men's Singles (Skill/Age) 3.5:35+

2:30pm Amateur - Men's Singles (Skill/Age) 3.0:50+
Amateur - Men's Singles (Skill/Age) 3.0:60+,65+,70+

3:00pm Amateur - Men's Singles (Skill/Age) 4.5:35+

3:30pm Amateur - Men's Singles (Skill/Age) 3.5:60+
Amateur - Men's Singles (Skill/Age) 4.0:65+,70+

4:00pm Amateur - Men's Singles (Skill/Age) 3.5:65+,70+
Amateur - Men's Singles (Skill/Age) 4.5:50+,60+
Amateur - Women's Singles (Skill/Age) 3.5:19+,35+,50+
Amateur - Women's Singles (Skill/Age) 4.5-5.0:19+,35+,50+

Saturday 01/20/24

8:00am Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.0:35+
Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.5:19+
Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.5:35+
Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 5.0:19+
Men's PRO Doubles

9:00am Mixed Senior PRO Doubles

11:00am Women's PRO Doubles

11:30am Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 5.0:35+

12 noon Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.5:35+

12:30Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.0:19+

1:00pm Amateur - Women's Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.0:19+,35+
Amateur - Women's Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.5-5.0:19+

2:30pm Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.0:19+,35+

3:00pm Amateur - Women's Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.5:19+,35+

3:30pm Amateur - Women's Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.5-5.0:35+

4:00pm Amateur - Men's Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.5:19+
Amateur - Women's Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.0:19+,35+

Sunday 01/21/24

8:00am Amateur - Mixed Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.0-3.5:35+
Amateur - Mixed Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.0:19+,35+
Amateur - Mixed Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.5:19+
Amateur - Mixed Doubles (Skill/Age) 5.0:19+


10am CHAMPIONSHIP GOLD MEDAL PRO SUNDAY (5-matches-Men's and Women's Singles and Doubles Finals plus Mixed Doubles Finals all LIVE STREAMED on Championship Court #1

Men's Senior Pro Singles
Women's Senior PRO Singles

9:30am Amateur - Mixed Doubles (Skill/Age) 5.0:35+

11:00am Amateur - Mixed Doubles (Skill/Age) 3.0-3.5:19+
Amateur - Mixed Doubles (Skill/Age) 4.5:35+


Additional Info

  • Primary Ball: Diadem POWER Ball

  • Surface: Concrete and Pickleroll surface

  • Net: Permanent, Temporary

  • Outdoor: Y

  • Livestreaming: Y

Player and Vendor Instructions

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